Social Media… Do I Really Need It?

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Social Media Is Also Called “Web 2.0” Sites And The Truth About Them Is Hard Too Find Out!

While every SEO expert out there is preaching about how important it is to build up traffic to your website organically, and how have large web 2.0 sites setup for back-linking purposes is something that will make you successful it’s most all just hype.  Yes, I know I’m crazy for telling you the truth but having a Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin account isn’t going to make your business explode overnight.

While they are needed of course they should be pushed down the list of “most important things” you really need to make your business succeed.  In most every business I have done work for I find that the thing they all can’t do without is “customers”.  Call them clients, patients, leads or a dozen other names if you want… but I just call them people.

YOU must get people to come to you that want to do business with you or you won’t be in business for very long.

Having a social presence is important but getting them to those social web 2.0 properties is something that isn’t easily done without advertising.  Fortunately I specialize in that area too.  So while I can build you a kick butt website, full of cool graphics, setup your social websites, interlink them all together and build up traffic to them all… the most important thing I can do is get you LEADS!

Advertising is the life (or death) of every business owner I deal with.  If you don’t advertise you won’t likely stay around long.  So while all the others are pushing SEO marketing on you I’m here to tell you that it’s pointless if you need fast results.  Yes, SEO is still needed… but it takes a long time to get up to the first page on most search engines.

What you really need to do is to simply advertise.  Whether it’s Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, or Bing you can’t have to spend money to make money.  I use a multitude of ways to generate leads.  Do what works first and add other stuff just for repeated exposure in front of your potential customers.  It’s really just that simple.

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