Prayer For Restraining Order From Gods Court


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Heavenly Father, I thank you for the privilege that you give me by the blood of Jesus to access the court of heaven.

I come before the court of heaven. I’m asking that the court be seated, according to Daniel 7 verse 10, to hear my case.

Heavenly Father, I repent as I come before the courtroom, for sins known and unknown, that the devil could use as legal grounds to try to impede my progress in the court of heaven.

I thank you Father that I’m now washed by the blood of Jesus and cleansed of all sins.

Heavenly Father, as I come before you, seeking a divine restraining order, I do not do it by myself.

I’m asking my attorney, my advocate, the Lord Jesus to stand before me, and argue my case.

For a divine restraining order, against per-mature death.

I need a divine restraining order, against the spirit of witchcraft.

Lord I’m asking for a divine restraining order, against financial troubles.

In Jesus name.

Heavenly Father, I’m asking that based on the finished work of the cross, may you assign to me, these divine restraining orders.

Because it’s my right by the word, because of the price Jesus paid, to have these divine restraining orders.

In the name of Jesus.

Heavenly Father, as you give me these divine restraining orders, thank you for assigning, high ranking angelic officers of the court, to enforce this divine restraining order, here on Earth.

May satan, and any of his demons, or any of his human agents, be held in contempt of court, immediately, by these holy angels, should they even try to violent these divine restraining orders.

I receive by faith these divine restraining orders, because we know it is written, that if we ask anything, according to your will Father, you’ll hear us.

I have asked this, in the name of your son, and according to the will of God, so I receive them by faith, in Jesus name.


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