A responsive, business


Social Media… Do I Really Need It?

A responsive, business


Designing A Website Is More Important Then Just LOOKS!


A responsive, business


SEO And Lead Generation Campaigns


Social Media… Do I Really Need It?

Social Media Is Also Called “Web 2.0” Sites And The Truth About Them Is Hard Too Find Out! While every SEO expert


What Website Design Is Best For YOU?

Is Having A Fancy Looking Website With All The Bells A Whistles Right For YOU? Many people in the business world just don’t


SEO And Lead Generation Campaigns

While Everyone Else Is Pushing SEO Marketing I’m Going Against The Crowd And Doing What WORKS! While doing SEO marketing

Discovering What Works And What Doesn’t Separates Me From The Others…

AFFORDABLE-SEOBeing an expert in Local SEO Marketing, including creating entire Ad Campaigns from scratch has made me someone in HUGE demand.  I run many successful Google, Bing and Facebook Adwords campaigns helping many businesses generate leads that otherwise they would have never found.  I handle every phase from the Ad creation, management, estimated budget needed… to the creation of the lead capture page, graphics and technical aspects of the project.

I’ve also built many websites for clients as I’m an expert with WordPress (Theme and Plugin Development and Customization), BuddyPress and Adobe Photoshop (needed to create the graphics).  My Web Design methodology, Responsive Design methodology, and User Experience and/or User Interface Design has keep me several steps ahead of the competition and made all my clients extremely happy with my work.

web-designExperience with other paid search platforms such as AdCenter, Facebook, and LinkedIn is another bonus my clients benefit from, along with a strong understanding of search engine optimization industry best practices.  I have an uncanny ability to manage and monitor multiple SEO campaigns at one time, with years of experience in Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, and SEO MOZ tools.

I have high levels of analytical, organizational, and time management skills… as I am  self-directed, highly motivated and very reliable.  With a natural desire to self-educate and keep pace with the digital marketing industry trends and to train on these trends.  I’m well organized with attention to detail.  There’s simply not much I haven’t done, experienced, dabbled in, or mastered in this business.

The bottom line is simple…  I have a ton of skills available that businesses need and I’m the man they use.

social-media-logos_15773On top of all those skills I stay up to date on all the web 2.0 properties and know how to use them in marketing campaigns to benefit my clients with the social presence they need.  I have built Facebook profiles and pages for them as well as Linkedin, Twitter and many others.  I know the metrics for Facebook which will surprise many would be clients!  Knowing what works and what doesn’t is my expertise, and I’m the guy who will tell them like it really is… with no fluff or theories.

Every aspect of getting businesses what they want (Leads) and/or maintaining what they have (a weak IT department usually) I can do myself or have the contacts needed to make my clients happy.  With 10+ years experience there truly isn’t much I haven’t done.

Why do people love working with me?

Being an American that lives in Florida and speaks English well was the number one reason I was told.  Apparently many businesses try to do the things I do themselves and contract out the work to other countries where English isn’t the primary language.   Naturally they get what they pay for and it’s usually something that is worthless to them.

I’ve been told that just being able to speak with me via Skype and on the telephone is such a huge benefit to them that they can’t imagine doing without me.  Nice compliment and I’m flattered… however I’ll just say that I’m a real “people person” that enjoys what I do and really likes to help others out.  That means I want to see my clients succeed as it’s not just a job to me… it’s a “relationship”!

I’ve built up long term friendships with some of the business owners I’ve worked with over the years and was glad to be part of helping them grow their business.  It’s widen my mind as well as I learned about the in’s and out’s of their business at the same time… which I might not have been able to do without having the opportunity to work with them.

All in all I’ll just say that by the time any business contacts me they aren’t price shopping anymore (they usually went down that road already, paid little and got less), but are ready to hire someone who will help them achieve their goals… whether that’s simply getting more leads or becoming their new IT guy that makes sure their online presence runs smoothly I get the job done.

If your business needs help, contact me here:



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